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mental health
Mental Health

Depression, Anxiety, Overthinking, Negative Thinking, Limiting Beliefs

emotional wellness
Emotional Wellness

Managing emotions, Resolving fears, Relationships problems, Self-confidence

spiritual wellness
Spiritual Wellness

Finding alignment, Connecting with purpose, Exploring Spiritual Self

What Our Clients Say

Picture above was generously offered by a real client :))

"It was an amazing session with you today. I had anxiety, apprehension & fear of future. You addressed everything in detail. That has given me a lot of clarity of thinking. Now I trust that I am able to cope with my current situation. Ruchika, you are an amazing person. I admire the way you handled the session. You are so grounded and calm. Thank You so much for all the support you gave me."
Mrs S
Found relief from fear of future due to family circumstances
"I have completely changed by your therapy in 4 sessions. You have taught me sensible concepts of grounding and self acceptance, which have helped me make peace with myself. You have taught me to enjoy living in my body, which is essential to live a happy life. I feel much more stable in my thoughts now. The new me, which is a gift you have given me through my own hands. Thank You so much for coming in my life, and healing my wounds & dropping my past baggage"
Mr M
Found a way to concentrate & manage emotions
"I want to share that I feel so much better now. I haven't got angry much since then and I feel so different! Me not getting agitated at tiny things hasn't happened in years! Thanks a lot! I'm very sure I've landed at the right place. I'm looking forward to having more sessions with you and experience bliss.. I feel so stable, I feel in control. Thank You so much!"
Ms P
Found a way to heal and manage her anger

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