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Some happy clients-

You have been a great significance in my journey to heal. Earlier I was just normal about it like yeah, many people get therapy but now when I think of it, it has seriously been really helpful to me because I needed someone to talk to. The best part is you made me heal myself. Your approach towards spirituality also made me connect with you which made the conversations more comfortable. I am grateful for you being my therapist. I really appreciate it a lot.”

“2020 Lockdown was the best thing that happen in my life ☺ because I met you. I felt God was listening to my prayer🥰I wanted someone to guide me.. To know me.. To feel Me the way I was feeling without telling a word. And than I met you Ruchika Garg an angel… (For me you are not Ruchika garg you are Angel Garg☺☺ result was so unexpected it took time but It did work… Major change came into my thoughts process and it made my life so easy.. I personally urge people to come forward if you are suffering because your life will change.. You will find a purpose of life.. You will know the art of living .. You will value small things… Your priority in life will change.. World you see will change… You will see more possibilities You will see more opportunities… You will know how to love yourself ❤ … Thankyou is very small word for me to say you..”

“It was during pandaemic I met you thorough social media and your online workshop.. Making us to know our feeling and it’s ok to feel so and how to calm our emotions and lot more…. It was the best session to attend as we get to know more about our feelings and emotions that we mostly neglect or over react…. I remember I had some kind of emotion attack and made me realise wat it was and how to act upon that calmly… Slowly and soundly I m finding happiness in all wat I have and desiring more for that…. And today I’m happy and most lovable and find myself in a positive environment… It’s all because of that session….”

“Last year I was in a very bad phase of my life when I got stuck with one incident. It made me so much stressed, depressed and what not. Sometimes I was struggling to get out of house and if I got out I just used to think about that incident and cry. Those were days when underwent a lot of mental agony and shock. Only after I came in contact with Ruchika ma’am, I was relieved of the mental stress and depression. I am thankful to Ruchika ma’am for get through that bad phase of my life by teaching me how to handle our thoughts, emotions and feelings. I could never get through the bad days without you ma’am.”