Does Hypnotherapy work?

“I feel stuck with this problem.. and I’m wondering why my will-power doesn’t work, no matter how hard I try! It’s as if something else controls this, and I have absolutely no idea why this is happening!” Will Hypnotherapy help me?

Most of us have felt this at some point!

It’s like there’s this ‘something’ that overrides will power and conscious effort. Here is where hypnotherapy becomes a powerful tool to understand what exactly is this ‘something’

Our mind has 2 parts to it-

Our subconscious holds information about us that we do not know consciously. They are like the hidden files in our computer, and we cannot access them in normal states of awareness.

Why are subconscious memories hidden from us?

  1. Our mind locks away our past trauma so that we are able to function normally. Remembering all trauma can interfere with life.
  2. We naturally forget some memories, like early childhood memories
  3. Our subconscious also holds past-life memories. That helps us function as individuals with our current identity and avoids confusion.

Hypnotherapy creates an altered state of awareness, and that is called a hypnotic trance. In that state, we can pull out the hidden files from the subconscious mind, and understand why we have certain problems. Finally we are able to release them from the system.

And no, I personally do not use a pendulum to induce a trance state!

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

Carl Gustav Jung

What problems can you resolve?

Hypnotherapy successfully helps to resolve-

  • Childhood trauma
  • Negative or limiting beliefs
  • Baggage of emotional or sexual abuse
  • Problems with self-confidence and self-worth
  • Fears and phobias
  • Medically unexplained problems
  • Psychosomatic problems
  • Relationship problems
  • Repetitive patterns that don’t stop

Is it trusted by professionals?

Absolutely yes!

Doctors, dentists, psychologists and even psychiatrists use hypnotherapy because it is fast, efficient and has long-lasting results.

Dr Brian Weiss (Psychiatrist & renowned author of Many Lives, Many Masters) was a non-believer of past lives, but after experience in medical hypnosis with a client, he pioneered the work of past life regression.

Over these years, we have seen a rise in number of professionals who are opening up to this field and integrating Hypnotherapy in their therapy practice.

Success Stories of Real People

I have been using a variety of modalities in my practice, but Hypnotherapy has been the quickest and most effective in getting to the core of the problem and releasing subconscious blocks.

Here are some case studies-

REAL CASE-1: Young lady unable to assert herself

A young lady in her 20s was not able to confidently stand up for herself. She wanted to feel confident and express her views.

In her sessions, she found that as a child, she was not encouraged to express what she felt, and was often punished in subtle ways when she expressed disagreement or disapproval.

As she grew up, she had no memory of this, but she grew up thinking it was not okay to express disagreement.

We healed her inner child carrying this belief, and soon she started to feel more confident in her life while expressing her opinions.

Let’s hear it from the client- “I wanted to regulate my emotions, I found it very hard to say No to others. As therapy proceeded I became aware of many things about myself and my inner child which I was not consciously aware of. Towards the end of therapy I felt a positive and tremendous change in myself which is not short lived, which will help and be an asset for my future.”

REAL CASE-2: Lady unable to make peace with her mother’s sudden demise

A young lady was not able to move on with life 1 year after her mother passed away. She felt extremely guilty of not being able to save her mother.

In Hypnotherapy, we summoned the energy of her demised mother, and the lady was able to talk to her mother and express her guilt. There was a lot of catharsis and release of all the suppressed emotions.

After the session, the lady let go of her guilt and accepted that her mother had chosen to depart that way, and that it was okay. She found her peace and was able to move on in life.

These are just a few examples of real cases that were dealt with sensitivity and understanding. There are many more stories of transformation and awareness.

Is it safe? Any risks?

Hypnotherapy is extremely safe and therefore is being used increasingly.

Doubt 1: If your therapist leaves you alone in a state of hypnosis (that can only happen if your therapist got a heart attack or stroke during your session!) you will be back to normal in a few minutes. Not to worry!

Doubt 2: Can you get stuck in your past and not return? Absolutely not! The state of hypnosis is very fluid and it’s not possible to get ‘stuck’

Doubt 3: Is it traumatic to re-visit the past?  It’s not! In fact, clients are relieved to know that past events created their problems. That way, they are able to take responsibility to fix the problem. Most clients are very comfortable. (In sensitive cases, I am extra careful)

Doubt 4: Will your therapist control you? No! You are completely in control and conscious of what you are doing and saying. Your body is resting but your awareness is sharpened, so nobody can control you in any manner.

Doubt 5: Is it done online? Yes. I have clients all over the world and I’ve been practicing successfully.

When Hypnotherapy is not used?

If a client has a severe mental health condition and/or is under Psychiatric medication, Hypnotherapy is not recommended. It is mandatory for a person to be in touch with reality and have a sense of grounding.

How to book a Hypnotherapy session online?

Your first step is to book your free 30 min consultation call, where we will discuss your problems and needs. All your further doubts will be clarified there.

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