“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.”
– David Richo

Effective 1:1 Therapy Sessions

Understand the root cause and find solutions to problems like-

  • Anxiety

  • Negative thinking and overthinking

  • Relationship issues with partners or parents

  • Getting closure with a deceased loved one

  • The pain of Past trauma

  • Self-sabotage

  • Low self-confidence

  • Blocks to success

  • Dealing with uncomfortable emotions

Our Signature Programes for Women

Your Womb is Magical
(Group program)

An intimate group program for women to tap into the wisdom of the womb
  • Uncover the real meaning of the womb beyond biological creation
  • Welcome your periods and enjoy easy periods and less of PMS
  • Embrace the Divine strengths that you’re entitled to as a woman
  • Invoke the Divine Feminine to guide your life
  • Enjoy the power of your ancestors in leading difficult circumstances
  • Use the womb to enhance intuition and creativity
  • Heal sexual and relationship wounds that reside in the womb
  • Heal the sacral chakra and harness its wisdom for lasting transformation
  • Learn to de-crystallize emotions and use them to your advantage

Emotional Weight Loss
(1:1 program)

A personalized guidance to enjoy a peaceful existence in the body you love
  • Feel genuinely happy when you look into the mirror
  • Release all emotional blocks and trauma that keeps excess weight on your body
  • Feel graceful and powerful in your social life
  • Enjoy a deep, loving and authentic relationship with your body
  • Integrate with your hidden Divine powers to enjoy feminine beauty, health and ease in life.
  • Develop a healthy relationship with food
  • Discover a newly found lightness and joy in your body, unlock your body-flow
  • Make friends with your body and allow it to support you in achieving your dreams

Modalities used in 1:1 sessions

1. Psychological Counselling

To explore your problems, thought patterns and find healthy resolutions

2. Mindfulness techniques

Excellent in managing emotions, depression and anxiety. Used exclusively for certain clients with huge success

3. Hypnotherapy & Visualization

Explore the subconscious mind to dig into unknown parts of you (Age & Past-life regression, Higher Self work)

4. Spiritual Life Coaching
spiritual life coaching

Feeling alignment and connection to your purpose, harness your Divine strengths and enjoy a healthy energy body

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