Therapy For Your Needs

We maintain a smooth process for each client to ensure good results from very first session

Please Note Currently all clients are seen by Ruchika Garg

  • Get a framework of how therapy would help you
  • Discuss number of sessions required (tentative)
  • Clarify any doubts you may have
  • Once you are confident to go ahead, we schedule your session
  • Client-therapist contract and payment
  • Yayy! Your journey towards fulfillment & peace begins!
  • NOTE- The free consultation is free even if you do not choose to go ahead with full sessions. No strings attached!

Please Note
Currently all clients are seen by Ruchika Garg

Methods used in Therapy

1. Psychological Counselling

To explore your problems, thought patterns and find healthy resolutions

FAQs coming soon..
2. Mindfulness Coaching

Excellent in managing emotions, depression and anxiety. Used exclusively for certain clients with huge success

FAQs coming soon..
3. Hypnotherapy & Visualization

Explore the subconscious mind to dig into unknown parts of you (Age & Past-life regression, Higher Self work)

4. Spiritual Life Coaching

Feeling alignment and connection to your purpose, healthy energy body

FAQs coming soon..
The Therapy modality for YOU will entirely depend on your problems, needs and comfort level. Typically a combination is used.

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